Strategic Networking Guide For International Students In Their OPT Job Search

At, we recognize the vital role social connections play in the lives of international students on F1 visa status. Networking isn’t just about assimilating into cultural norms; it’s a tool to create a positive impression, forge meaningful relationships, and unlock various opportunities like internships under CPT visa status and securing OPT jobs. Relying solely […]

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Mastering the Art of OPT Job Hunting Strategies Amidst the Year-End Season

By December 26, 2023 Education, Information, Learn, Skill, Speaking

As the festive season wraps up, many international graduates on F1 Visa status face the looming reality of their OPT/CPT job search in the United States. This period, from November to December, marks a pivotal time for job seekers as their OPT period nears its end. At, we understand the challenges and opportunities during […]

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Exploring the U.S. Job Market for F1 OPT Visa Students: IT vs. Non-IT Opportunities

By December 26, 2023 Education, Information, Learn

The ever-evolving job landscape in the United States demands a thorough understanding of skill alignment for OPT job seekers and employers. This article delves into market trends and the indispensable skills required for F1 OPT students to secure their desired positions. The Significance of Job Market Analysis: Conducting an in-depth analysis of the job market […]

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